Penang Bridge Camera Live

Complain about the traffic?
07-09-2018 7:00am
??? ???: Enter message here
20-11-2017 10:00am
gh: still waiting for the live camera. i dont see cars moving.. are these cameras function?
20-11-2017 9:58am
gh: is penang still floaded? hows the condition of penang now?
01-10-2017 11:25am
08-09-2017 4:28pm
alan: apalah ini macam..langsung tak boleh tgk hari hari..
06-09-2017 6:05pm
tan: hari hari camera rosak
18-08-2017 7:03pm
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17-08-2017 8:50am
penangites: fix all the cameras..shows nothing
23-02-2017 6:58pm
malaysian: Penang bridge authority: Please fix all the cameras
16-02-2017 2:57pm
Okie : Got nothin betta to do kah
08-02-2017 5:35pm
pek chek: Penang govenment! Pls fix the camera!!!!
07-10-2016 4:17pm
hin: wtf MHA Please take down all the Pg bridge live cam n throw it into the sea,rather than showing only 1 cam live out of 8 n some r pointing to the sky for airplane?make me laugh
29-01-2016 6:04pm
Sue: Why the web cam not going on live? Is there have accident happen now? and the pg bridge still traffic jam?
29-01-2016 3:47pm
Hema: Is there any accident at Penang Bridge now...pls someone update me
29-01-2016 11:50am
Confuse: Why the cam look like black out and not go live?
27-01-2016 6:15pm
frustrated: the web cam snap shot is a shit!
07-01-2016 6:04pm
babee: how the traffic in pg bridge now
09-09-2015 4:41pm
Andrew: Lots of rain today. Shiok!
27-08-2015 1:16am
LittleRiverBandido: Lots of haze, very bad very bad.
17-08-2015 11:41am
LittleRiver: Ahoy there mates!
18-06-2015 7:26pm
hello: working {live} or the person mend the cam still sleeping
10-06-2015 5:54pm
george: Is the live cam made from 3rd world country,y is it not working {live} or the person mend the cam still sleeping
22-05-2015 6:39pm
thiru: what the hell is this freaking cams at penang bridge is not working. seriously fuck the goverment...
08-05-2015 7:29pm
rydez: how the traffic heading to mainland?
29-04-2015 7:55am
Ema: Bridge tol entrance is jam right now...please be careful...
17-03-2015 9:36am
Alex Chee: the truck make the traffic jam . traffic smoothly now.
05-03-2015 6:02pm
Wolf MAN: jam lagi...
04-03-2015 6:43pm
Bruce Lee: Happy Chap Goh Meh folks!
02-03-2015 8:22pm
pailang: yalo so jam
02-03-2015 8:05pm
holang: wah,so traffic jam ah